Tilley Hats

Tilley Hats Protection against mother natures ups and downs!

All Tilley hats are water resistant, so be assured whatever mother nature throws at you, your Tilley Hat will protect you, as long as its worn properly. Wind cords will secure your hat on gusty days, one cord in front and one cord behind your hat is secure in the strongest of winds. Your Tilley Hat also floats if it does happen to end up in water. In colder conditions you should opt for the TW2 Hat which comes in variety of colours and is perfect for cold conditions especially with the cosy tuck away ear warmers.


How Should Your Tilley Hat Fit? (View Our Tilley Hat Sizing Chart) 

The Tilley Hat fits more comfortably than most hats, its designed to be worn low on your head and worn slightly loose. It should be held on by gravity not by painful pressure on your forehead. For the perfect fit, you should be able to insert two fingers, flat, between the middle of your hat and your forehead. The hat should be loose enough so you can rotate it to the right and left and lift it up and down. When its windy use the cord.


Tilley Hat Sun Protection

Tilley hats come with a UPF 50+ rating, the maximum uv rating given to clothes and hats. All Tilley Hats protect your face and ears from the sun with brim sizes that range from 2" to 3.5". With a variety of styles to choose from, its easy to find a Tilley Hat that protects your from the sun and accommodates your lifestyle.


The Tilley Hat Wind Cord

The wind cord is like one long shoes lace, with the ends joined together with the simplest of knots. Simply slide the knots back and forth to adjust the length, sliding the knots away from each other will shorten the length. When the is cord not needed just simply tuck it the crown of your Tilley Hat.


Like The Titanic, Your Tilley Hat Floats.

It Can Also Sink. One reason your Tilley Hat floats is because of air trapped inside the water repellent fibres. The main reason is the layer of closed-cell polyethylene foam on the crown that also protects your head. Certain types of wave action can sink your hat. Tilley Hats have a buoyancy in relatively still waters, waves and rapids may sink it. The wind cord is like a seatbelt, useless unless worn.


Washing Instructions For Your Tilley

Be kind to your Tilley Hat. Keep it forever by washing it regularly. Skin oils and perspiration can ruin a Tilley Hat by rotting the fabric. As with all clothing wash your Tilley regularly to stop any permanent staining from perspiration marks. Your Tilley can be machine washed using warm or cool water with soap powder or liquid powder, never use bleach on your Tilley Hat! if your hat has wrinkles fill the crown with warm water and swoosh it around, wet the outside of the crown and shape by hand and leave to air dry.