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Our collection of mens hats includes casual and formal styles of hats.
A great range of hats from trendy trilby hats to the ultimate hardwearing, water resistant Tilley Hats.
We have a great selection of sun hats from linen hats to panama hats and for the winter beanie hats to trapper hats.

Here we will share all the knowledge we have regarding mens hats. We will talk about the many different styles of mens hats, the materials used, how to look after your hat and how to wear your hat.
Firstly whatever style of mens hat you choose whether it be a fedora hat or a trilby hat to a top hat or a bowler hat, they are usually made up of five parts.
When you hear the term hat crown mentioned this is referring to the part of the hat covering the top of the head, the crowns size and width makes a lot of difference to the appearance of the hat on different individuals, some hats have tall crowns, some tend to have more width and also the crown often is been pinched at the front with a centre dent on top of the crown.

The brim of hat runs horizontally around the circumference of the bottom of the hat crown. The width of the brim depends on the styles of hat, for instance on most styles of hats the brim tends to be stiff and on a fedora its usually downsloping but on a trilby hat it has a slight lip downwards at the front and turns up at the back. Most brims can be shaped by the wearer as the edging of the brim has wire inside allowing it to be shaped.
The Hat Band
Almost every mens hat will have some sort of hat band trim. The hat band is located around the circumference at the join of the crown and the brim. The traditional trimming used for mens hats is grosgrain ribbon and this is usually black or matches in with the colour of the felt. The second most widely used hat band trim is leather, often hat companies have their logo placed on the hat band.
This is located inside your hat once again around the inner circumference its attached inside the hat and is not visible in any way from the outside of the hat. The inner hat sweatband has many uses of course the main use is to absorb any sweat/oils from the wearer soiling the hat, its also there to add comfort for the wearer and on some hats the inner hat and usually in womens hats can be adjusted to help the fit be more comfortable if needed. Hat bands are usually cotton but do vary and in more expensive hats they are usually leather.
Hat Lining
Depending on what type of hat and mostly this is the case in winter season hats you will find some type of lining anything from fur to satin. The material is always one the wearer will find comfortable it also aids in protecting the outer felt from soiling. It usually contains the manufacturers logo. The lining is stitched in underneather the internal hat band.
There are so many different styles of mens hats that are often confused with one and other. Below we will do our best to explain and illustrate the differences between mens hats.

The term fedora is often given to any hat that does not have its own specific style name, it does however refer to a particular style. Many people do get the fedora hat and the trilby hat styles confused, especially as the Americans actually do have then names the other way round. In Britain however the fedora hat is a wide brimmed hat which is typically sloping downwards, the crown of a fedora almost always creased lengthways down the crown and pinched at the front on both sides. There are however many different ways the crown can be creased, teardrop crowns, diamond crowns & centre dents. The fedora hat is usually trimmed with a colour matching grosgrain ribbon hat band or as with Stetson hats a leather hat band trim. The fedora was a very popular mens hat during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, it eventually eclipsed all other forms of mens hats for a time. The fedora is still popular today and is still carrying the same classic styling. You can now buy fedora hats in almost any colour but the most popular colours are black, brown, grey & navy.
The Trilby Hat
Often mistaken for the fedora hat the trilby hat has a much narrower brim and rolls up at the back, the crown is also usually shorter in height. The trilby since the early 2000's has made something of a comeback in the hat world, its now part of both womens and mens retro fashion wear with so many colours, designs now available. Manufacturers are often experimenting with different designs, patterns and brim shapes to stand out from the rest.