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Mens Caps
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Mens Caps

Mens caps come in many forms, shapes, sizes & colours. Traditionally what we would refer to on a hat as the crown fits close to the head on a cap, it also of course has no brim just a peak or visor, usually to give added protect from sunlight particularly this is noticeable on baseball caps. All of these characteristics vary on different styles of caps but all have the same goal to either keep your head warm in the winter or cool and protected in the summer.

 In the winter some materials used to make mens caps include lambs wool which is the most widely used, donegal tweed, cashmere, silk, leather, wax, cotton and quite often you may find a combination of materials used in making mens caps. Summertime materials for mens caps need to be breathable and lightweight, cotton is the popular material used in production of caps, you will find linen, silk and silk/cashmere mixes available also at a higher cost. All these materials have great sun protection and many are UPF rated.

There are countless styles of mens caps available, the first one jumps out as being the baseball cap. A baseball cap is a type of soft cap usually made from cotton with a rounded or flat stiff peak to shelter the eyes from the sun, the size of the peak varies with different cap manufacturers. The front of the cap often contains designs or logos of the manufacturer. The back of the cap may be "fitted" to the wearer's head size or it may have a plastic, Velcro, or elastic adjuster so that it can be quickly adjusted to fit different wearers referred to as one size fits all, realistically this means from a size 56cms to 61cms. The baseball cap is a part of the traditional baseball uniform worn by players in America’s major league baseball, each team has the logo imprinted  and all the baseball caps are licensed with New Era. The baseball is widely seen for casual use by all ages and both sexes for daily wear,

Flat caps usually associated with country wear have re-emerged in recent times as a general fashionable item, especially after some high street chains have began stocking them. The style of the flat cap can be traced back to the 14th century when it was more likely to be called a "bonnet". The flat cap is also referred to in some parts of the UK as a cheesecutter or driving cap because of its shape. The traditional shape of flat cap is generally narrow fitting to the head with a peak of 2 inches which is just viewable front the front. Traditional flat cap patterns include the classic herringbone patterns and country check patterns as seen on our Olney Headwear collection of flat caps. More and more flat caps are being adjusted to suit the latest fashion trends for instance the duckbill shape of flat cap is becoming increasingly popular with younger gents, a cross between a baseball cap and a flat cap it has a more rounded crown which hugs the head and a longer shaped peak. Still the flat cap is one of the most popular styles of mens caps.

The Newsboy cap often associated if not confused with the flat cap is a cap made up of eight panels and a peak it has a much rounder, fuller shape than the flat cap. It was of course the cap worn by paper sellers in the states and by the working class boy in the uk in the early to mid 1900’s, very popular in leather due to the great shape it holds. Oversized versions of the newsboy cap are very popular, they replicate the the look of the mens beret cap because of the way it sits on the head and hangs over at the sides.


Styles of Mens Caps

Army cap, Ayam, Balmoral, Baseball cap, bakerboy cap, Beanie, Beret, Biretta, Bond cap, Cap of Maintenance, Casquette, Caubeen, Caul, Coif, Combination cap (also known as a service cap), Cricket cap, Do-rag, Dutch cap, Engineer cap, Fez, Fiddler cap (also known as a Dutch boy hat), Fitted cap, Flat cap, Forage cap, Gandhi cap, Garrison cap, Glengarry, Greek fisherman's cap, International cap, John Lennon cap, Juliet cap, Kepi, Kippah (also known as yarmulke), Kufi (also known as a kofia; an African cap worn with a dashiki), M43 Field Cap, Military cap, Muir cap, Newsboy cap, Nightcap, Nurse cap, Ochipok, Oversized newsboy cap, Papakhi, Patrol cap, Peaked cap, Rastacap, Sailor cap, Shako, Shower cap, Sindhi topi, Square academic cap, Swim cap, Tam o' Shanter, Taqiyah, worn by Muslim males, Trucker hat, Tubeteika, Tuque or stocking cap, wool cap, watch cap, ski cap, Welder's cap, Yachting cap, Zucchetto