Handling Your Hat

Correct handling of your hat will extend its life. Avoid picking your hat up with dirty, oily hands. Try to pick your hat up by the front and the back of the brim, this will help to maintain the shape of your brim. Avoid resting your hat on flat surfaces especially trilby's as you could damage and deform the shape of the brim. A temporary solution is to rest your hat on its crown but ideally the use of a hat stand is the best long term option. If your brim does lose its shape or you would like to reshape it then the use of steam from an ordinary kettle can be used to do this. At a safe distance hold the hat over the steam for a few seconds and then gently work the brim into the shape required. We often use this technique but remember a little steam goes a long way. 

Cleaning Your Hat

General cleaning of your hat should be done with a soft bristled brush. Stiff bristles will tear the felt. Try to use a dark brush if your hat is a dark colour and a light brush if your hat is a lighter colour. You can get brushes which are specifically made for hat cleaning which are perfect to use for a daily dust of your hat. A slightly damp towel with a nap can also be used to remove dust. Stubborn stains which cant be removed with the brush you can try using a small-pored sponge or a bit of foam rubber. Rubber sponges are slightly sticky and will coax surface soiling away from the felt, always remember to rub with a counterclockwise motion to the grain. For deep or remaining stains you will need to contact a professional renovator.

Felt Hats

Felt fedora hats are generally shower proof but as with most hats its not good for them to become soaked through. If this does occur leave your hat preferably hanging up in home overnight to dry out. Never use a hairdryer or any other heat source to dry your hat out this will cause the hat to wrinkle and may affect the felt. Do not be tempted to store your wet hat in a box because this will of course will lead to a mouldy hat.

Straw Hats

Always handle a straw hat by its brim. The natural oils found in our hands cause the straw to dry out which is why handling a straw hat by its crown must be minimal as it could cause the straw to become brittle and cause cracking. Indeed the same process can occur through handling the brim but it is much less likely that cracks will appear and also the brim is much easier to clean. Store your straw hat throughout the winter when it is not warm to protect it from the dust and clean as directed in the section above if needed.

We hope you find this information helpful, we have over 20 years of experience with hats for both men and women and want to to give you tips on looking after your hat but we are not professional hat restorers.

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