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You will be spoilt for choice amidst our array of mens hats & mens caps. However you spend your leisure time, you will find your perfect hat here! We stock an extensive collection of mens hats & caps in a fantastic variety of styles. On our site you will find an amazing collection of flat caps which include the traditional country flat cap, the newsboy cap & the increasingly popular duckbill cap, we stock these in a superb choice of materials such as wool, leather, tweed, linen, cotton & wax, the list goes on. The mens cap collection we have online is huge, as well as the flat cap we stock baseball caps, military caps, oversized bakerboy caps, newsboy caps & leather caps, we believe we have something to suit all tastes.

Our mens hat collection is ever growing & includes trilby hats for casual or formal wear, fedora hats, trapper hats in the winter months and for more formal events we now stock a great range of top hats from christys headwear including tall top hats, melusine fur top hats, fur felt top hats in a range of colours from traditional black to navy, grey & brown. We also stock the full range of summer and winter hats from the world famous Tilley Hats, all are guaranteed for life and insured against loss. Our tilley hat collection contains multiple styles in many materials and colours, from the LTM5 airflow hats to TW2 winter tweed hat, all tilley hats are lightweight, crushable & water resistant and have countless other features. Tilley hats are quite possibly the greatest hat ever made! 
For those of you purely interested in mens caps you wont be disppointed, a great selection of mens caps have been carefully selected everything from flat caps to baseball caps from the best hat manufacturers. You can search by style of cap or as a whole in the mens caps category. We have mens caps available in wax. leather and wool for the cold winter months and in the summer we have all the styles available in cotton, linen, silk, cashmere and more. We will be adding many more styles continuously so be sure to check back and go through our mens caps.

If caps are not your taste then maybe a browse through our mens hats will be more suitable, everything from the classic fur felt fedora hats to trendy little trilby hats and the more classic styles are also available. A collection of tilley hats to choose from offering the ultimate sun protection and weather protection. Mens hats in the winter comprise of trapper hats and beanie hats to keep you warm and cosy as well as weather proof hats a collection of waxed hats will keep you warm and dry. So many different varieties of mens hats are available so be sure to keep looking all year as new styles of hats are added all through the year.


Our Aim At Mens Hat Shop


Here at mens hat shop we aim to offer a selection of mens caps & mens hats suitable for all tastes, ages & occasions. With winter fast approaching we have added our fantastic range of trapper hats from Stetson, the quality of these trapper hats are outstanding year after year, stetson use only the finest fur and materials to make their trapper hats. The size of our flat cap section greatly increases for the winter months as we introduce the much needed wax, leather & tweed caps, again these winter material caps are available in all styles, the traditional flat cap, the newsboy cap, the duckbill cap, mititary caps, baseball caps and of course we stock wax hats including the much sought after Tilley wax hat. We stock hats from all the leading hat manufacturers including Stetson Hats, Bailey Hats, Christy's Hats, Jaxon Hats & Caps, City Sport Caps, New Era Caps, Olney Headwear, Tilley Hats and we are always adding new companies to offer you the widest choice possible every season.  

With over 20 years experience in the hat trade, both online and through our hat shop based in Burnham Market, Norfolk, we aim to offer an excellent choice of headwear and fantastic customer service so please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice regarding hats or caps!! Its never been so easy to buy hats online, thank you for your interest with us here at mens hat shop.